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The scariest robots in the world!

Bookmark and Share Posted by: Emily   July 16th 2009
I’ve created a list of what I think are the scariest robots in the world. Seeing is believing and you will not believe what you are seeing!

1. Grim Reaper Robot
My Vote for the world’s scariest robot goes to Robokiyu the Rescue Robot.

The Robokiyu robot is owned by the Tokyo Fire Department and was originally designed to recover people trapped inside and under rubble following a disaster. But it was found it was better suited to removing dead bodies. Hence it is now the grim reaper of robots.

Two remote controlled arms drag the corpse up a slide at the front of the machine where it is housed inside.
Imagine seeing this awful machine in action. I can’t think of a less respectful way to deal with the dead. It kind of looks like a road sweeper removing road kill, only the road kill is a human being. This is very unsavoury and hence I’ve named the Robokiyu the world’s scariest robot!

The scary Robokiyu robot is no where to be found on youtube but you can see a very similar one here:

This is another Japanese disaster rescue robot called the T-52. It also has robotic arms (controlled remotely as for Robokiyu) that can lift 1100 pounds. The main difference between this one and the Robokiyu is that this doesn’t appear to have a cavity for scooping up the dead! It still looks pretty scary though.

2. Scary Crawling Robot Man

This next robot isn’t so much scary as creepy. Creepy in a very literal sense as it is a businessman that creeps (or rather crawls) along the floor.

A performance artist designed this robot, though at first I thought it was the performance artist and to be honest I’m still not sure! See what you think.

3. Titan the Scary Robot – sings too!

I love this robot; I saw one just like it at Butlins in Minehead. Awesome and very scary. Though technically I’m not sure it’s a robot as there is a guy inside it ;)

4. Scary Robot Woman

Here’s another creepy rather than scary robot. It’s a woman and she looks far too life like for my liking. Robots have reached a whole new level when they can create robots that are this realistic looking!

5. Scary Robot Einstein

This scary robot is called the Albert Hubo. This robot has a typical robot looking body but has a look-a-like Einstein head, which is very peculiar looking. Why on earth pick Albert Einstein for this project? I’d much rather look at something more attractive. Brad Pitt perhaps. Now if they could start mass-producing Brad Pitt robots, they could be onto a winner!

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