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Strange laws that make no sense

Bookmark and Share Posted by: Emily   August 4th 2009
Every now and then I read about someone who has been fined or imprisoned for an act that we generally wouldn’t consider an offence let alone a criminal one. Below is a case in point that caught my attention a few years ago.

A woman was fined for allowing her dog to carry a stick home after finding it in a protected wood. Apparently it was quite acceptable to walk through the wood, treading on sticks as you went but removing so much as a blade of grass from the ‘protected wood’ was a serious offence.

Unluckily for the woman, an eagle-eyed jobs-worth saw the dog take the stick and reported her. The police soon caught up and she was brought to task. I have no idea what happened to the bad doggy!

If you think that’s a weird law, check out these allegedly real laws. And you thought we British were strange!

Strange driving laws
In Memphis, Tennessee women may not drive cars unless a man walks in front of the car to warn oncoming traffic and pedestrians that’s she’s there.

If this is a real law I can’t see it being upheld can you? Who’d drive the men home after a night in the pub if not their women?

Tennessee isn’t the only American State to have it in for women drivers. In California women may not drive while wearing a dressing gown. This must have been a regular occurrence for them to legislate against it! They must’ve been some pretty dodgy dressing gowns.

Strange animal laws
Alaska apparently has a law that forbids looking at moose from an airplane. I have no idea why this is illegal. Maybe it’s a Moosetake!

Corpus Christie, Texas has made it illegal to keep alligators as pets inside your home. Wow, that’s a relief!

Meanwhile in Utah drivers have to give way to birds - birds have the right of way on public highways. They must be big birds!

Strange food laws
Some American states really have it in for cabbage.

In New Jersey you can’t sell cabbage on Sundays and in West Virginia you can be imprisoned for cooking cabbage any day of the week! This is pretty extreme. It has something to do with cooking odors I think.

Strange decency laws
In Utah if you can’t see daylight between dancing couples, that dancing couple is in serious trouble.

In Michigan, walking though puddles can reap serious consequences if you are female and you should lift your skirt more than 6 inches to avoid it getting wet.

In Georgia, it's allegedly against the law to spread false rumours. Spreading true rumors is of course totally acceptable.

In Missouri bearded men must be all the rage because men need permits to shave.

What a mad old world we live in!

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