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In Disguise

If you're going to a fancy dress party, want a new look, trying to hide or maybe stalking someone. Then you have come to the right place. ShinyShack has some, fun, amusing and silly disguises for you to get your hands on.

Go incognito with a new pair of specs. We've got so many pairs of glasses to choose from Nerd to Bizarro or Fly to Spy. Want to be a Hero Just like Rambo, Mike Lowery or John McClane? Then pick one of our Action Hero Vests. Then there's always the classic of being a swashbuckling pirate. All you need is a Eye Patch, an Earring, some Pieces of Eight Pirate Coins, a Tattoo and you're on your way me hearty!

Dress to impress is a good motto to have and you could never look better than in your very own Borat Mankini. If that doesn't appeal to you then maybe something more elegant like a Crystal Tattoo to sparkle in.

Growing facial hair can be tricky for some of us. Let ShinyShack give you a hand with our range of facial hair including: Moustaches (one for everyday of the week), Mega Brows, Rock 'n' Roll Sideburns or go the whole hog and get a Beard Head (there's even a one for the ladies). You might want the mature look, if so go for the Grumpy Old Man Nose and Ear Hair Kit. We've even got something fun and funky for the kids. They can have fun dressing a hand up with Animal or Monster Hands.

There's plenty for all you ladies out their that secretly like the manly look. Some Tattoo sleeves, a facial hair kit a Beard Head and you'll be well on your way my son.

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