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Novelty Loo Roll

We all know sitting on the loo can be dull and we've all got to do it, but that doesn't make it any more fun. Here comes ShinyShack to the rescue! We've got lots of fun, unique and quirky gifts for you and we haven't stopped at the toilet. So here we go...

Over the centuries many items have been used for this purpose. If you were rich there was wool, hemp or lace. If you were not so well off you might be reduced to leaves, grass, hay, stones or pretty much anything you could get your hands on. What do we all want from Toilet Roll today? It needs to be nice and soft, absorbing, robust.... Well you get the idea.

For those of you who ideally spend your time in the loo, then how about something to stimulate your mind. Try some Mind Trainer Toilet Roll, Crossword Loo Roll or if you've got a head for numbers try the Sudoku Toilet Roll.

Want to feel like you're a millionaire with so much money that you can just flush it down the loo? Try out our Millionaire Loo Roll or the 50 Million Pound Loo Roll, it will feel like you've only spent a penny.

If you've got to go in the dark, say on a camping trip or maybe you're scared of the dark The Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper means you always find the toilet paper even in the dark.

Cleaning not your thing? Maybe your toilet has a few things in common with a nuclear waste site? Then quick grab some Bio Hazard Toilet Roll to warn people before you need the Crime Scene Toilet Roll. Emergency! There's no Toilet paper left and you really need some. Then break into that emergency box and grab the Emergency Toilet Roll and relax.

Ever been in the middle of a really boring party and just wished you had something to say. Well nip to the loo and read up on Loo Laughs or Yo Mamma hilarious jokes, cartoons and witty one liners.

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