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Things you've said about us

Our customers are very important to us, and as such we value your feedback.

Wow! I ordered this item yesterday afternoon, and it arrived this morning - that's pretty impressive! and with free delivery too! many thanks for the excellent service - i'll definitely be returning to your website.
Tina, Newport

I love your website! the quality is great, the ideas are amazing and the website it easy to use as well as descriptive and well presented. Also, I love the free delivery! I will definitely use this website time and time again. Thank you!!
Lorraine, Dungiven

I want to thank you for the fast and superb delivery service, I ordered yesterday and got it today!! all goods are in excellent condition, I will order from you again!
Elke, Rotherham

Wow, what can I say - fantastic product & packaging. When shinyshack say next day delivery they really live up to their promise - thank you!
Sandra, Cardiff

Brilliant web site - very simple, quick and easy!
Tony, Cambridge

Very pleased with the service and products. The packaging used was perfect for the size of the item and delivery was super fast! The popping candy went down a treat and we love the I phone mini plungers which keep your phone upright on the bedside table. Will be back to shop very soon, many thanks!
Dianne, Perth

Hi, tree face which I ordered has arrived today,it is brill,has been put up and is causing great laughter just the thing to bring a smile on a dismal day, many thanks to all recomend this site to everyone.
Patricia, Newcastle

Excelent service will be using shinyshack again.
Mr D, Rotherham

Fantastic service, and very quick delivery. I wound defiantly buy again.
Ashley , Pickering

I received my order this morning after ordering only yesterday. I'm very impressed with the service and the product.
Rose, Garndolbenmaen

Thanks for the quick Hersheys chocolate fix!
Aarron, Durham

Many thanks for warp-speed delivery of gorilla glue, brilliant !
M.Williams, Stourport on severn

Product pricing! delivery times! customer service! 1st class, 1st class, 1st class and on top of this, free postage... Brilliant :-) lenny
Lenny, Bridgwater

Used you at Christmas time for the first time.Very happy on all counts, delivery speed, price and quality. The person who received the items was delighted. A great range of products. Will definitely use you again.
James, Peterborough

Thank you thank you thank you! Just thought you should know how impressed I was - I ordered the pressie yesterday and it was here (in wales) before breakfast today. Have a happy Christmas
Giles, Wales

I can only echo all the other feedback - really excellent service! the delivery really is super fast! can't fault you guys.
James, Buntingford

Really very impressed with the super-fast delivery, packaging and quality of my order. The products were exactly as described, and I will definitely become a repeat customer. Love your website, including the witty descriptions.
Helen, Aylesbury

That was incredibly quick! I ordered at 2pm, it arrived at 10am the next day!
Vicky, Swansea

Thank you for the fantastic customer service :)
Jojo, London

Super fast, very well packed. Will definitely be using again. Many thanks.
Samantha, Bedford

Just received my parcel after ordering yesterday!! thank you for your help and such speedy delivery :):)love your selection of american goody's :) will definitely order again :):)
Rebecca, Edinburgh

Many thanks for my order, super fast delivery, my buddys and family will love these and me too. This is the second order I have bought from you and all are top quality sweets. All the best for the future and keep up the good work..
Paul, Goole

omg!! That was super super super fastest delivery ever!!! I only order it yesterday and it came this morning!! I love the cup and the stapler!! love it love it!!! you're great, i've bookmarked ya! thank a lot! Sarah x
Sarah, Woking

Fab fast delivery again ! Another present sorted, brilliant.
Ali, Wadebridge

During my pregnancy these are keeping my cravings at bay iam going through min 8 packets of mentos a day but making sure I brush my teeth well
Abigail, Weymouth

Hahahaha!! love it. Genius.
JP, Reading

Good quality wrapping paper. Perhaps I should have checked that there weren't going to be children about when the gift was opened though!
Leanne, Reading

Fantastic quality, yet comedy, item! love it!
Helen, Cambridge

My husband has had one of these newsprint wallets for over a year and it's one of the best presents I've ever bought him! it still looks great and has worn very well. Mostly though he loves it for the entertainment value when people catch sight of it. Often he's getting out a card to pay when the cashier will say something along the lines of "what's that?!" now realising there's not something wrong with the card he's about to pay with(!), they want to know if he made the wallet, is it real newspaper, etc etc. A real conversation starter, great fun, and I'm about to buy him the dot matrix one for his birthday so he can try that one out too!
Sue, Bournemouth

These handwarmers are really handy! ;-) they are small enough to fit easily into a pocket or bag, but still provide plenty of heat. It only takes a few minutes to recharge them and then they're ready to use. Great product!
Claire, Liskeard

I bought my sun jar for a early evening barbecue that I was having and it was the centre piece of the evening. It became the centre point of the evening. It came on slowly throughout the evening not just on and off which was lovely. It's also got a on off switch so you don't waste the battery. It's great - really good mood lighting and it's environmentally friendly too and a small price tag! what's not too love??
Stevie, London

This is why I love you. You're always coming up with these really weird, off-the-wall things. Nutty.
Jane, Huddersfield

This is so cool...
Karen, san francisco

The kids really love moon in my room. We got one at Christmas and have it up for the two youngest children, and it works as a brilliant night light for them when they go to bed. Of course, they always insist on the moon being on as well. :) a really fun yet educational toy.
B Turner, Inverness

I think that the litecup is a brilliant idea for everybody be they able bodied or disabled it stops you from spilling your drinks on the floor and you can always find it in the dark.
Peter, Stafford

Its cool ya!
Alex, Marshall

I love csi and everything to do with csi. So when I saw this, I just had to have it. It is the coolest scarf ever! Thank you .
Zoe, London

Priceless reaction when given as a gift, and even more so when its squished and thrown around.
Janet, Kingston

We live in an old house which is in fact two houses knocked into one, so we've got four external doors. I was fed up of fiddling around trying to remember which key belongs to which door when standing in the rain (it rains an awful lot up here) so these skeleton keys come in really handy. Since buying them I know immediately which key belongs to which door, and there were a couple left over for some of our spare keys too. Great value for money (you get six in a pack for only £3.99) and they're really cute too.
Debs, Caernarfon

I just wanted to say thank you very much for the fantastic service. I received my order very quickly, it was very well packaged, and I am delighted with all my purchases. Will definitely be back!
MG, Epsom

Pigs can fly. These guys fly further than you think they will (and harder) I learned the pig eyes are quite hard so I would advise you to be carefull where you catapult him. Im thinking of getting the monkey and rooster also and have a 3 way flying comp.
Guy, Maidenhead

The brick, simply the most fun I could have for £10. I have put off buying this for a while wondering if I could find enough use for it. Now I'm glad I did, I will never tire of watching people trying to dodge a flying foam brick that they think is a real one. If only I could take a photo of them at the same time.
Steven, Brighton

This stuff is amazing! I was a little sceptical at first of the idea of using goo to clean my gadgets, but it really, really works. It gets into all the nooks and crannies, and lifts out fluff and crumbs.
Andy, Abbingdon

A must for any green freak!! Ok you can't staple entire manuals together, but for a few sheets it works well, I don't know about anybody else but the thought of never running out of staples again is great!
Sarah, Birmingham

Genius! Reindeer poo in a box. Genius, all i can say.
Dave, Crewe

I purchased this item for a friend who has a sat nag type partner (trying not to be rude there), and thought it would be funny to give them something to replace her in the car. They had also been talking about getting a real sat-nav. First i'd like to mention that it definatly had the desired effect and made them both laugh, also it says so many sentences, just when you think you have heard all of them she says another one that you have not heard before. There must be about 30 plus on there a funny item that is good value which in my case turned up at my door the day after i had ordered it.
Gary, Hull

I live in rented accomadation that doesnt allow too many holes to be drilled for my pictures, as i have so many photos i like to have up i had been looking for a sollution to this problem for ages with not much luck. Loved the video for this, cheesy but did the job. I have to admit that i wasn't too sure they would actually do what they said they would, but they really do work, i dont know how the backing sticks so well and you really can keep taking it down and up again and it doesnt loose its stickyness atall. Thanks!!
Mary, Cardiff

Arnold was a gift for me for xmas. i immediatly asked where it came from and booted up to see what other things there was, as i thought arnold was brilliant, no matter how many times i watch him snooring away i cant help but smile and laugh. i hope the batteries are easy to repalce because i can see me waring them out pretty fast. The best addition to my living room i have had in years, excluding my hd tv of course :)
John, London

I like wearing these as part of my formal wear. I love the look on people's faces when they see my socks under my suit trousers.
Peter, London

These cool shots really are cool in more ways than one. ideal for nice icey cold shots of vodka, mmmmmm. we make a batch and store them in the freezer for parties, they always provide a talking point!
Andrew, Leicester

I bought these for our kids party, and they went down a treat. Ahaaar!
Sue, Nottingham

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