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Dead Fred Pen Holder

Dead Fred Pen Holder

Price: £5.99

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Dead Fred Pen Holder

Dead Fred Pen Holder

Fred's having a bad day. It's a tough life as a pen holder at the best of times, but every time you put your pen down, you stab Fred through the heart. This rubbery little red guy will keep your favourite pen safe and tidy on your desk while resembling a stylish casualty from a whodunnit movie.

  • Keep your favourite pen safe in the Dead Fred Pen Holder
  • Draw a chalk outline and carry out your own murder investigation
  • Take out your office rage on a Dead Fred pen holder that won't fight back!
  • Improvise with ketchup for a really gory murder scene
You'll never go back to your plastic pen tidy again. Fred is cool, he's a pen holder, he's a talking point, he makes a statement on your desk. We love Dead Fred and you will too.

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