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Diamagnetic Levitation Kit

Diamagnetic Levitation Kit

Price: £7.99

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Diamagnetic Levitation Kit

We've all spent hours as kids trying to get one magnet to float above another one (ok, maybe just some of us). Unfortunately, Earnshaw's theorem prohibits this.

However, it doesn't say anything about not being able to levitate a piece of diamagnetic graphite above 4 incredibly strong neodymium magnets arranged in a Halbach array.

Yes, it is tiny, but yes, the little piece of graphite sits steadily 1.5-2mm above the magnets with clear air underneath!

A must for all physicists, science enthusiasts and anyone who loves the power of magnets.

The pocket sized kit comes packed neatly into a little wooden presentation box that itself only measures 28mm x 18mm.

Small but perfectly formed: that's the diamagnetic levitation kit.



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