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Thermodynamic Hand Boiler - Red

Thermodynamic Hand Boiler - Red

Price: £5.99

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Are you the hottest thing since vindaloo? This colourful glass hand boiler is a great way to show just how warm you really are.

Made from blown glass, just cupping your hand around the base of the glass will cause the liquid to rise up the tube, round the squiggly bits and appear to boil in the bulb at the top.

Before you get rushed off to hospital with the kind of temperature that'll blow up thermometers, the coloured liquid in the hand boiler is a liquid with a low boiling point, so normal hand heat is quite enough to perform this little trick.

This great little gadget isn't a toy and as it's made from glass, so don't squeeze it, drop it or kick it round the car park.

You'll get a single Thermodynamic Handboiler in red.

This item is NOT A TOY. This is a science demonstration item for adults only.

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