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When you first tip it out of the barrel it looks like an oil slick gone wrong. A big pile of evil looking goop that will send Next Gen Trekkies running for the hills jabbering about Tasha Yar. Let them run, they could probably do with the exercise.

You can pour it, but it won't get you wet, you can pick it up between finger and thumb and it'll just hang there. Tear it apart and it will just run seamlessly back together again. It won't stick to you and you can just pour it back into its little barrel and snap the lid on.

Despite being packaged in what is essentially a tiny plastic toxic waste drum, Barrel-O-Slime is non-toxic. It even smells nice - kind of citrus scented.

Barrel-O-Slime comes in 50g pots and in a range of noxious colours - yellow, blue, red, green and of course classic black. We'll pick one at random for you.

The instructions on the bottom of the barrel say DO NOT EAT - so don't, ok? (there's always one).

Slime in the hand
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