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We all seem to rely on Sat-Nav to get us pretty much anywhere these days. Stopping to look at a map is a thing of the past, we're talked through the directions of our journey by a little black box that remains infuriatingly calm, even when it's just directed you the wrong way down a dual-carriageway!

Now you can go one step further down the road to navigational insanity with the insanely irritating Sat-Nag. Simply press the button for the quickest route to road rage.

Helpful phrases include:

  • In 100m I'm going to talk to you in that special voice that should let you know you've upset me
  • At the next turning I'm going to grab the sides of my seat violently
  • In 250m I'm going to press the wrong button on the stereo, but it won't be my fault, it'll be yours, for not explaining how to do it properly
The Sat-Nag is the ultimate in-car, non-satellite nagging system. The only place it'll take you is round the bend.

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