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Flying F#*k

Flying F#*k

Price: £19.99

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Flying F#*k

Now, for the first time in human history, you really can give a Flying F#*k.

The Flying F#*k is a fully remote controlled flying word. Keep the Flying F#*k on your desk at work or home and launch it into the air to astound and impress your colleagues or loved ones.

Made from soft-foam and controlled by a two-channel helicopter style flight system, the Flying F*ck does exactly what it says on the box. Not merely a novelty, the Flying F*ck actually flies and can be trimmed for stability and controlled just like a remote controlled helicopter using the infra-red controller.

Sometimes in life, things just have to be taken literally. So now you can clearly communicate to anyone whether you do, or don't, give a Flying F#*k. This ground breaking airborne obscenity makes the perfect gift. Now you can proudly tell someone: "I always told you I give a Flying F#*!" It's easy to show someone you care - give a Flying F#*k today!

If your loved one is feeling neglected or you really want to impress your Boss, it's now easy to prove to them that you really do give a Flying F#*k.

So - give a Flying F#*k or don’t give a Flying F#*k - it's up to you!

You may also need

The Flying F#*k requires 6 x AA batteries which are not included in the box.

Please note: We've starred out a bit of the Flying F#*k in our pictures to make it less rude, but what you'll be getting in the complete and unedited version so the Flying F#*k is only for grown ups!

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