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Gone are the days of propping your phone haphazardly against books or random bits of stationery to watch videos. Now you just iPlunge, and the problem is solved!

Simple, yet endlessly useful, the iPlunger is the perfect stand for iPhone or iPod users.  The tiny little red sucker can be used to prop up pretty much any hand-sized device with a smooth, hard surface at the back for the iPlunger to suck onto. The iPlunger can provide support both in landscape and portrait configuration and looks pretty cute to boot!

Using the iPlunger is simple, just moisten the cup and attach to the smooth backside of your iPod, iPhone or other mobile device.

The iPlunger is sure to be a hit with with smart phone fanatics, and may well be popular with plumbers too!

The iPlunger stands approximately 4cm tall from sucker cup to the end of the tiny wooden handle.

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