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Air Swimmer

Air Swimmer

Price: £39.99

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Air Swimmer

'Under the sea, under the sea, there'll be no accusations, just friendly crustaceans, under the sea!'

Create the illusion of an underwater paradise in your living room with this remote controlled flying fish!

The helium filled fish will float gracefully above the ground while you use remote control to steer it left and right and even up and down. It glides through the air with a gentle tail-waving movement that makes it look as though it really is swimming.

Made from sturdy nylon, the Air Swimmer is nearly 3 and a half feet long, so it'll make an impressive addition to your remote control collection.

The Air Swimmer is really only suitable for indoor use only. If you fly it outside you risk watching your fish swimming off into the wide blue yonder on an unexpected gust of wind!

Air Swimmer Features

  • Inflatable Nylon fish measures 3.5ft long
  • Steered via infra red remote control
  • Steers left and right and up and down
  • Stays inflated for weeks
  • Can be refilled for repeated use
  • Some assembly of fins is required (instructions included)

Air Swimmer - in the box

  • 1 Air Swimmer
  • 1 remote control handset
  • Instruction booklet

You may also need for the Air Swimmer

The Air Swimmer comes with batteries for the remote control and the Air Swimmer itself included. However, you will need to fill it with helium before you're ready to fly. Take it along to your local flower or party shop to get it filled up.

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